Atlas 72 Hour Tee 190 (Men's)

Borealis Wool Co.

More substance, more durability, same incredible performance and versatility. Merino Wool aficionados will applaud this functional addition to the 72 hour tee range. Could this be the perfect all season weight? We think so.  

Wear a shirt for three days without washing? Crazy right? But those in the know are changing the way they wear and wash with the help of merino wool. Our tee is knit from the worlds finest wool, sustainably and humanely sourced from New Zealand, and knit in the foothills of the Italian Alps in a hundred plus year old mill. Wether you're traveling the backcountry, or just hustling through your week, our Atlas 72 hour tee will keep you feeling fresh and looking good!

-Extremely breathable 190 gsm, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial

-Magically Soft, 100%, 17.5 micron merino wool

-Sustainably sourced and completely ZQ certified fiber from New Zealand

-Made in USA from wool knit in the Italian Alps

Customer Reviews

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N. Shanga
Atlas 72 Hour Tee is no joke!

Let me preface by saying I can only vouch for 48 hours of wear, not 72. With that out of the way, the Atlas 72-hour Tee is very comfortable to wear. Regarding odor, after 48 hours of wear and 12 hours to air out, the Atlas 72-Hour Tee had a faint scent of campfire smoke. After serval washings, the tee has held its shape - no neck sag or pilling. So far, the tee is very durable, with no visible wear from hiking with a pack. The Atlas 72-hour tee is definitely my favorite; so much so that I bought two more!

Robert Swift
work and play outdoor

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