Merino Wool Women's Tank Tops

Merino Wool Women’s Tank Tops

Ridiculously soft and simply designed, the Women's Lotus Tank captures our values well. With everything you need and nothing you don't, it will make a trusty companion on whatever adventures await you. Whether wandering a far corner of the globe or riding the south side river bottoms, its lightweight, breathable and fast-drying attributes make it a go-to piece

Available here in 100% Merino sourced from a mill in the Italian Alps. Sustainably sourced materials you can feel good about.

Soft Merino Wool.

Our Merino Wool is so soft to the touch you’ll never want to take this top off. Our wool tank top fabric utilizes a 17.5-micron wool fiber which makes it deliriously comfortable. Microns measure the diameter of the wool fibers. A lower number means a finer fiber and therefore, more comfortable. 

Built for whatever happens.

Our merino wool clothes are made for cold weather, warm weather, and everything in between. Our base layers are designed to be worn every day and this wool tank top in women’s styling is no exception. Wear it under a shirt or jacket for a little extra warmth or go full-on “suns out guns out” style in the summer. 

Made In Minnesota

The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes and one wool apparel company. We’re not so sure we can lobby the state to change their motto, but it could be worth a shot. Each Lotus Tank is hand made right here in Minne-snow-ta, and we’re darn proud of that