Merino Wool Women's Base Layers

Introducing Your Favorite Merino Wool Women’s Base Layers

Borealis crafts our merino wool women’s base layers from super fine and high micron wool fibers. We add a touch of Tencel to the mix to aid in both comfort and drying. These lightweight long sleeve shirts provide odor resistance and odor control as well as incredible moisture-wicking capabilities. 

Built for marathon days.

We know that you hustle so we built a collection of shirts to see you through even your longest days. Whether you’re hitting the trails or the grocery store, or maybe both in one day, our long sleeve wool shirts are up to the task. 

We made the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt in women's cut and style.

No, we didn’t shrink it and pink it. Our women’s styles are built from the ground up to provide the type of fit and mobility that you’d expect from a premium garment. Whether you need a shirt for hot weather or you are looking for winter layering options, our wool base layers are just what you need. 

Wicks moisture like you wouldn’t believe.

Our Merino-Tencel blend fabric has incredible moisture-wicking properties. Merino wool is a naturally hydrophobic fiber. Simply, these fibers won’t allow moisture into their core, and move them to the outermost portion of the fiber, or yarn. Once there, moisture is able to evaporate and dry. Tencel fibers interspersed into our fabric speed up this drying process and turn our long sleeve shirts into an extremely efficient moisture-moving garment. 

Made In Minnesota

Our premium hand-crafted merino wool garments are made with love in Minnesota. Each garment is sewn here, quality checked and then put into inventory. You won’t find our fabric or our styles made anywhere else.