Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

Merino wool long sleeve shirts 

Our merino wool long sleeve shirts are great base layers for each and every adventure. Built with the same fabric as their short sleeve brothers but with flat lock seams and more UV protection. These classically styled wool long sleeve shirts are available in either solid colors or striped. 

Multiple Colors and Weights

Our striped collection boasts a unique blend of merino wool fabric and tencel yarns to boost performance. We want you to have your pick when it comes to performance so our varying colors offer different ranges of weights, from just over 100 merino wool weight to 165 weight, we’ve got you covered. 

Flatlock seams. 

For all day comfort we have constructed our medium weight wool tees with a 165 g/m2 wool blend fabric and flatlock seams. This ensures the least friction against your body for comfort all day, or even multiple days. Don’t hog all that comfort, pick up one of our long sleeve shirts for a buddy or grab a gift card for your best adventure partner. 

Natural Mosquito Repellent

As a proud Minnesota Made company we are fully aware that mosquitoes and other flying insects can seriously put a damper on even the raddest of adventures. Our wool long sleeve shirts provide you with generous coverage for a natural bug barrier.