Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

The ultimate merino wool t-shirt for men. 

The Borealis difference lies in our supremely soft wool blend fabric. Our wool blend fabric utilizes the perfect mix of merino wool and tencel yarns. 

For the best merino wool t shirt in men’s outdoor wear, look no further. Classic styling meets modern technology.  We’re a proud Made In Minnesota company to boot. 

Moisture wicking and quick drying.

Merino t shirts have so many virtues, like being incredibly temperature regulating, and we like to give our wool fabric a helping hand, so it can live its best life, by adding in a blend of tencel yarns. This merino tencel blend combines the best of both worlds and makes for an incredibly high performance short sleeve merino wool tee. 

Merino wool is naturally hydrophobic and tencel is extremely quick drying. The resulting effect is that our ultrafine merino fibers pull moisture from your body and transport it to the outer layers, which are primarily Tencel, so the moisture can dry. 

All-day comfort.

For all-day comfort, we have constructed our medium weight wool tees with a 165 g/m2 wool blend fabric, with a micron measurement of 19.3. This ensures the last friction against your body for comfort all day, or even multiple days. Our medium-weight wool is the perfect weight for every season. If you’re looking for the ultimate merino wool t-shirt for men’s outdoor wear, you’ve come to the right place. 

Feel the difference.

You’ll notice the Borealis difference right away. From the moment you slide our buttery soft wool blend tees on you won’t want to take them off. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to.

Take our Atlas 72 Hour Tee for example. That name was no accident. Thanks to wool’s natural antimicrobial tendencies and our advanced fabric blend you can wear this shirt for three days with no stink. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.